Gold Pin

Twisted Gold cloak pin from the 1500's


The pin offers bonuses to social rolls
Cost: For the duration of the item’s effect (one scene), the user willingly suffers a -1 penalty to all Physical rolls.
Dice Pool: Resolve + Composure
Action: Reflexive

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The user suddenly appears wretched and strange to others, and it likely draws their scorn. She suffers a -2 penalty to all Social rolls for the rest of the scene, and all others gain a +2 Social bonus on all appropriate rolls made against her.
Failure: The user gains nothing from this Power.
Success: The user gains a +1 bonus to all Social rolls for one scene. During this time, all others suffer a -1 penalty on their Social rolls made in her presence (within eyesight).
Exceptional Success: The bonus gained increases to +2,
and the penalty suffered by others is now -2 dice.


Gold Pin

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